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as a people to heal around green plants, as the grass grows. we heal a little better. for us it's a giant green blanket that's covering our heros and comforting their families and once a year we get to come here and tuck them. in. >> reporter: at arlington national cemetery, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> what change from just 24 hours ago. we were talking record breaking triple digits. top, we didn't hit 90 today and it felt so good. >> 102 yesterday, 87 today officially. that's quite a difference. that's about average. let me talk about those storms yesterday. the wind gusts south of us and fredericksburg, this came to us from spotsylvania, hail, pretty big hail. this is of spotsylvania. this was from wendy ellis. you can see how big the hail is, almost 1 1/4 itch, about the size of a quarter -- 1 1/4- inch, about the size of a quarter. the rest of us are enjoying a very nice evening, no worries what you see around town. in green there is simply a little propagation, if you will, ground clutter. 84 now, 86 frederick, 84 leesburg, 82 manassas and fredericksburg. this is a great evening
in billing when customers use less electricity because of energy conservation. this is the official maryland public service commission order that put the charge into law in january. and take a lock at this wording. right there on the original intent of this payback, it was to encourage utilities for energy efficiency. montgomery county officials were some of very few who spoke against utilities using the order supporting energy conservation, to reimburse utilities when no energy is going through your meter. >> it adds insult to injury. to say to a customer, you lost power for six or seven days. you thrown out all the food in your refrigerator and being told you'll pay extra because pepco lost money because they weren't delivering any electricity. >> montgomery county argued the bill stabilization adjustment eliminated the incentive for them to restore lost service. the order did limit the reimbursement to cover only the first 24 hours. prior to that, it was open ended. allowing pepco to get nearly $1.4 million for july 2010 blackout. delmarva, more than 35,000. and bge, more than $81,000.
romney fired up supporters at a campaign stop outside pittsburgh. working the use of president's words against him. >> president obama attacks success and therefore under president obama, we have less success and i will change that. >> romney ramped up his own attack, telling the crowd president obama funneled federal grants and loan guarantees to alternative energy companies that belong to big democratic supporters and donors. romney is working to get back on the offensive after days of attacks from president obama on romney's business record. tuesday, the president traveled deep into gop territory. >> hello texas. >> to target some of the country's wealthiest donors and his latino and gay supporters. the president argued that his opponent believes prosperity comes from the top down. >> i believe in fighting on behalf of working families and giving them opportunity. >> danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> the obama campaign following romney up to pennsylvania with a one-day tv ad, slamming the former governor's refusal to release more than two years of his personal tax
. >> they don't give us good information, we can't help them. >> reporter: nearby in the green acres section the bethesda resident have taken to posting signs to direct crews to the neighborhoods. >> pepco is hiding from us. >> reporter: because they have no confidence the utility even knows about the outage here despite their constant calls. >> we should all go to a hotel and send pepco the bill because they're responsible for our misery. >> we've been told multiple times that it is back on and there isn't a problem and there's never been a work crew that's even come to look at it. >> reporter: the signs may have worked. a pepco scout showed up shortly after they went up. >> hallelujah. >> reporter: this afternoon a pepco spokesperson admitted to me that the automated callback robocall script they use to talk back to customers can be misleading and they are in the process of changing that script. in cabin john scott broom, 9 news now. >>> at last check as we told you the number of customers without power in northern virginia stood at more than 15,000. dominion power views have been getti
sometimes we get from mpd. so all over the city, areas like this are using the cost reimbursable program. >> d.c. councilman says if police want to sign more officers to u street, then private businesses should hire their own offduty d.c. police. there is city money that would pay for half the cost of bars and nightclubs. >> our business contributes lots of taxes to the district. >> the owner of this 7-eleven says she can't afford to hire offduty police officers. she can't get the same subsidy offered to bars and restaurants. >> we hire anywhere from 10 to 15 employees, somebody is probably going to go. >> six years ago, february 2006, damon ward, a local architect was hit by a stray bullet and killed. he was stepping out of a nightclub. he was hit by a bullet that came from a group of people that had been arguing over a parking space. >> my son was an innocent bystander. he did nothing. he was not a part of it at all. and that could be anybody. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> to arlington where they are working with the police to try and identify a man who shot and killed a jewe
with a fair amount of moisture. we're not done with the severe weather once this clears us by any means. we have storms back to the west of us. we'll watch those until the midnight hour. >>> i say to myself is it reasonable for an individual to be upset if they're out of service for a week or more and obviously the answer is no. >> what? well, that is pepco president thomas graham trying at least to apologize to customers today for all those massive power outages following the epic storms the end of last month. lawmakers were grilling graham in rockville today and graham just couldn't seem to get it together. >> i think you meant the opposite. i'll just give you -- >> i'm sorry. is it reasonable to be upset for not having power for a week, it's not reasonable for a person to be upset at all. >> he was struggling. the meeting moved on, but few were in a forgiving mood. an audience member said she was without power for three days and the only thing graham offered up today was excuses. >>> today we confronted that maryland regulator who okayed billing customers for revenues lost in the outage.
got shot. when she got shot, it was just got watching over us. >> reporter: the suspect's family is cooperating with police and says their heart goes out to the victims. the mass shooting here in aurora marks the largest ever in u.s. history in terms of the number of people shot. you have 59 people shot, 12 of those dead, so 12 and 59, you've got 71 there. there are expressions of shock, grief, sympathy coming from around the world. in fact, the queen of england has sent her heartfelt sympathy to the people of the united states. president obama has made remarks and here in colorado the governor has said this rampage is the work of a very deranged mind. that suspect james holmes is due in court monday. live here in aurora, colorado, theresa garcia, back to you. >> thank you. >>> our colleagues at our sister station in denver have been busy all day long with the story. we are joined live from aurora town center. chris, first have the cops managed to work their way inside that booby trapped apartment yet? >> reporter: they have not worked their way inside of the apartment and i ju
been a very trying time for our family, but we are grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that work so hard and quickly. we hope everyone understands we cannot comment further at this time. >>> more than half a dozen people and their pets are alive tonight. all thanks to two prince georges county police officers. those men rushed into a burning apartment building in district heights and they pulled those folks to safety. today, they were commended for it. >> i'm bruce leshan in district heights from blocks away, a police lieutenant sees a column of smoke rising. he and a corporal rush in to this burning building to rescue a half dozen people who have no idea their lives are in danger. >> i think it's human instinct. >> the lieutenant and corporal say they will never forget what they found. >> this is the area right here behind us where the dogs were out on the balcony. >> flames roaring across the back of the building from the first floor up through the
coming out of the u.s. attorney's press conference yesterday. >> absolutely. that put me over. as i went over and over in my mind, what could explain this? what could exonerate the mayor? and even if he didn't know, my view is that even if he didn't know, it must have been a kind of willful blindness. in any event, it was done in his name. and it has called into question, as i said, his election. you know, i admire vince gray. i endorsed him. i came to know him, we served on the council when he was the chairman. he's a very good man. i found him to be a man of integrity and leadership and i can't tell you how sad i am to come to this position, but as a matter of healing the district, i think it's the step we have to take. >> okay, and you are just saying that again, a close colleague, a friend, this had to be a difficult decision and you had to weigh, up until the last moment, before coming out publicly and doing this. >> the only competing interest was whether i thought there was adequate disclosure of information that would make it untenable for him to continue and that came yesterday
today's developments in court, we heard directly from the district's top prosecutor, u.s. attorney. >> in 2010, the mayoral campaign was compromised by back room deals, secret payments, and a flood of unreported cash. >> and federal prosecutors say this is not over. their investigation keeps going. >>> the verison center will be shining brighter down in chinatown. today the d.c. council unanimously approved emergency legislation to allow more animated signs on the exterior of verison center. allows the owners to seek perms to install up to nine new signs and digital displays. ted released a statement in the last hour thanking the council. he says the new signs will improve the arena and increase tax revenue for the city. >>> and the council continued the push to make pepco put power lines under ground today. two council members introduced bills that would require the utility to bury at least some of its lines in the district. kristin fisher has more from the wilson building. >> we're talking about two separate bills that were introduced today. one by council member chay. where t
he tried to talk with a man prescott allegedly threatened, but he did not want to talk to us. >>> today's bust in maryland comes one week to the day after the colorado theater shooting that killed 12 and injured dozens and dozens more. now we're learning more ant the accused gunman, james holmes. a court motion filed by his lawyer says holmes was under the treatment of a psychiatrist at the university of colorado in denver. that is the same place he had been studying as a grad student. holmes lawyers filed the motion to find out who leaked the information about the notebook that holmes sent to that psychiatrist. contained descriptions of an attack to kill people. his lawyers argue that information should have been shielded by doctor, patient privilege. >>> the olympics start tonight and one big question, will d.c.'s top swim coach be there? bruce leshan reports, there is new fallout from the allegations that rick curl had sex with one of his young swimmers 23 years ago and then paid her to keep quiet about it. >> sources tell us that local law enforcement is following up on
for areas south of us into the fredericksburg area, where they had storms very slow moving. here's a look at the radar and lightning. you can see a lot of the storms have moved on through. they are in the south of us into charlottesville and into portions of virginia. you can see things are much quieter around here. richmond now getting hammered. basically areas south of fredericksburg, getting really, really heavy rain. now right now, temperatures are in the mid 80s in downtown. but where it's rain, it cooled down to 77. 75 in culpeper. fredericksburg 74. annapolis still hot in the upper 80s. the wind gusts at 21 miles per hour here at the andrews air force base and 16 downtown. 20 in culpeper. it will be breezy in some spots. you're looking at wind gusts around 28 miles per hour. when i come back, we'll talk about the dryer air that is moving in. we'll have a really nice day tomorrow and then we're talking about triple digit heat after that. back to you, derek. >> better enjoy tomorrow, anny. >>> a shift in the issues out on the campaign trail from the economy to foreign policy. that a
handguns were recovered that may have been used in this incident. he has no idea and won't speculate on what may have set off frank hayward to cause him to slaughter his own family. scott broom, 9news now. >> now an update on the kidnapping of cal ripken's mother. police released surveillance video of the suspect. it shows the man entering what looks like a wal-mart. he's the fellow who has on the orange cap and a light colored coat. this is the man who grabbed violet ripken from her garage last tuesday. they say he tied her up, put her in the back of the car, and then let her go. so far, police don't know why he did that. >> this thursday marks one year since robyn gardner disappeared in aruba. the 35-year-old was last seen vacationing on the island with a fellow by the name of gary giordano. he was held for months in an aruban jail. they didn't have any evidence, they let him go. gardner's sister spoke with andrea mccarren for the first time. >> robyn gardner's family is convinced she is still alive and wants the fbi and arue aruban authorities to continue their investigation. >
touching our lives. let us not forget her. >> some of the survivors of the rampage won't have to pay their medical bills. three of the first five hospitals treating the victims will limit or entirely wipe out the medical charges. >> katie medley who gave birth to her son, hugo, two days ago are among the survivors who don't have insurance. her husband is in medically induced coma, recovering from surgery. >> he's fighting so hard to get back to us. i don't know how it happened to him. he's just, he is such a good person and people love him so much. >> reporter: a friend of the couple set up a website that has raised more than $300,000 for the medleys. teresa garcia, cbs news, aurora, colorado. >> and the reverend jesse jackson paid a visit to aurora today. he held a press conference right near james holmes to talk about gun control. >>> misin west virginia have released the -- police in west virginia have released the name of the little boy who died. he was only 4 years old. yesterday he climbed into a pick up truck belonging to his step dad who works as a security guard, finding a l
place. back to you. >> ken, thank you. >>> our other top story is the heatwave baking us all right now. today the mercury soared near the century mark again. guess what, folks? this is just the beginning. it could be a lot worse tomorrow. in fact, so much worse we're already under an excessive heat warning. so 9 news now weather team issued a severe weather alert for tomorrow and anny hong is here with all the details. >> this weekend is going to be a very hot one for saturday. in fact, i think we could see records fall and temperatures will feel like almost 110 degrees in some locations come tomorrow afternoon. we've declared tomorrow a severe weather alert day. here's why. an excessive heat warning in effect for saturday, 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. what this means is you got to take it easy. really limit your time outdoors. this is the highest heat level heat alert when it comes to the national weather service issuing these types of warnings. the heat index, in downtown it feels like 99. that is our high for today, manassas 98. fredericksburg and culpeper and leesburg it feels like 105 de
on the buses. he says they weren't built to be used the way montgomery county officials have been using them and the result is more than a dozen of them catching fire, a fight both the union and county have agonized over for years. following today's event the executive ordered the remaining 37 buses on the fleet to be taken off the streets. >> we have been lucky. we've defied the odds out here. i could just envision a busful of people, one being one of my members and potentially a neighbor or someone else on there, trying to get to work or somewhere, stuck on a bus that is a death trap. >> reporter: in a statement released by county executive ike leggett he said, "the bottom line is removing these buses from service is the right thing to do to ensure the safety of the public and our bus drivers." we're told these buses will now be dismantelled, some of it sold for parts. what they can't sell, the county will just trash. in the meantime buss have been brought out from out of town -- buses have been brought out from out of town to replace these buses temporarily. they'll get a replacement fle
30 minutes will take us over a week to restore. >> before dominion, virginia, can restore power to damaged neighborhoods. their tree contractors have to untangle the trees from the lines. in many cases, that involves cutting down trees piece by piece. >> we heard this big flash of lightning and we ran downstairs and we could see the tree falling. >> despite their smashed car, janelle and their family consider themselves lucky. >> the tree that fell and nuked our shed off the foundation and landed on my husband's car. that's all the power lines down. >> 90-mile an hour violent storm. knocks the trees into our poles and wires. catches the wires, snaps the poles. and again, you get cascading. >> dominion says the winds and falling trees knock down 12 utility poles in this one arlington neighborhood along south aberdeen street. >> part of getting the power up and running when you have downed lines is bringing in some new utility poles. it takes a will the of heavy ma sheerly machinery to do so. >> it will take two days. >> customers need to understand the magnitude of the d
. it is a panicked response to the public's understandable revulsion at what sandusky did." joining us now to talk more about today's sanctions is donald dell, a lawyer, sports agent and marketer and was also an all american tennis player at yale. thanks for coming in. let me get your first reaction, not enough, too much, about right? >> i was really shocked at the extent and depth of it. of course, it's all a balancing act, is it fair or not? it just depends on which side of the table you're sitting on. when you're there thinking about those children for a long, long time from 1998 to 2012, 14 years that evidently he was left to run free when some of them could have or should have known, but this is worse than a death penalty. here it's four years out of bowl games and players can transfer which i think is fair to the players very and then 15 scholarships only a year. they're out of football the next four years or longer. >> washington post columnist mike wise is already lambasting the ncaa for not going with the so-called death mountain saying happy valley should be quiet on saturday afternoons
in arlington we ran into is using 10 to help her survive or should i say -- technology to help her survive the great summer blackout of 2012. >> i had like $9 in cash and i used all of that for gasoline because that was cash only. then i discovered my favorite starbucks over here at virginia square, they were 100% operation. i had the starbucks appear and money on my phone and -- app and money on my phone and they were the lifesaver. they were my hero. >> there is an app for that. there's good news for jennifer johnson and her neighbors. dominion contractors got their power back online shortly after 5 p.m. today. >>> not everybody is quite so lucky tonight and six days of frustration is boiling over for a lot of folks in the commonwealth. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn in arlington county at 23rd and south ginwoody streets where nobody wants to be the last to get power and as there are fewer out ages the frustration mounts. >> it's more than annoyed. >> reporter: tim scotch is running out of patience even as he watches the crews working in his neighborhood. >> intense anger because it took
, it's a packed train. they take us off the train and the platform pulls up and it's a wall of people. they say please slowly evacuate the station, which makes people feel panicked. >> it comes on a troubled weekend for the rail system. >> it was a long ride. it was terrible. >> on saturday afternoon, and again early sunday morning, a computer software glitch brought 44 trains across the system to a stop. >> took me at least three hours to make it home. >> there is concern on our part. that's why we are working around the clock, 24/7. that's why we are taking the necessary steps to increase our staffing. >> it is still investigating the computer failure that left controllers without the ability to see moving trains on a map and unable to control switches remotely to route trains. >> and metro says that computer crash was not a safety issue. they insist passengers were never in any danger. >>> in campaign 2012, news tonight president obama in ohio today. it is his second trip to the swing state in less than two weeks and a town hall meeting. the president claimed mitt romney's p
. >> i canceled my hotel reservations and took her back to her house, neither one of us had power. >> they are not communicating properly with their public. >> the residents here are still in the dark. probably because of a secondary outage. one that has since been recorded. in silver spring, ann degree jay mccarren, 9news now. >> thomas graham joined me on 9news now at 6:00 to talk about all this. he says the utility was always clear about when everybody's power would be coming back on. >> what we committed to very early on, we are on track for that right now. again, three out of every four customers out of service, they are back right now. friday at midnight is what we said, we are on track for the majority of those customers. we are just going to keep working 24/7. >> as for communication complaint about the service being restored when it hasn't been, graham says unknown issues, such as problems further down the line can pop up once the power is back on. customers need to be sure and call in outages. >>> the overwelming majority of the damage to the electrical system was d
for the annual pop culture convention, kicked off in san diego today. teresa garcia will show us the sites, sounds, and the crowds who all flocked to the event from around the world. >> reporter: from spiderman back flips to this guy break dancing. >> i am a made up imaginary ninja. >> reporter: thousands of comic book fans are getting their geek on. and the lines aring long to get on into the final twilight previews. >> we've been here since sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. we're just waiting to get in there. >> reporter: and this bat mobile display is also getting lots of attention. fans could get a close up look at six different bat mobiles, dating back to the tv series. and this is the hatest bat mobile here to be featured in the upcoming movie, "the dark knight rises." this is the tumbler. >> found in the 1970s, it was all about comic books, but now it's a four-day extravaganza. fans lined up to help with the blue screens with a picture of the favorite tv characters. others, they will move on up with the walking dead shows, the newest zombie characters. >> when you jump in to jump in with
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